Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

Brad, Ricky, and Louis are the most professional, courteous, and attentive sales man and managers I've been counter in a long time. There was no bait and switch tactic of use, but they allow me to select the vehicle that I would be happy with and provided me with all my options prior to running my credit report. They gave me the red carpet experience and I would highly recommend if you're in the market for a Toyota that you go see the manager Brad and his associates Louis and Ricky. You will certainly not be disappointed at the level of service provider at this dealership and I am pleased to have met them as well as find the commuter car I was looking for.

- Norell B., 5/17/2017

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

It's not just this dealership it's some of the people that work there who are dedicated to helping customers making sure they're happy and satisfied with what they purchase . After sitting for 6-7 hours with only the help from one sales person who was going out her way to try and help by the name of Huguette Silva with no supportive co workers. When the manager stopped in Leroy he instantly spoke with me and brought a smile to my face leaving out fully satisfied. Thank the both of you, Huguette and Let, I really appreciate you both.

- T.T., 5/17/2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

I bought new car yesterday. It was great experience with Hanlees Hyundai, I appreciate the great service provided by staff especially Mr. Adil. He helped us and provide us great customer service and I look forward to be their customer in future too. Thanks, Adil...

- K.S., 5/16/2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Hanlees Davis Toyota Service is one of the reasons I'm happy to be a local resident. With busy weekdays, I need a service center I can trust enough that I can forget about my automobile while completing my to-do list, feeling confident that when I return for it later, my car will be running well. In fact, I had gotten so accustomed to this routine that until I read a surprisingly poor review here at Yelp, I was taking Hanlees Toyota Service for granted. Not anymore. I now realize how thankful I should be for such a good team nearby to my home.

Currently, I'm driving a Scion tc, and the service here has been excellent! At my most recent visit, Les Lobo did a thorough and courteous job of arranging, and following through upon, my 45,000 mile service. Friendly Dave-the-van-driver got me where I needed to go. Then, while servicing my car, Hanlees' on-the-ball mechanic spotted a potential problem with my axle, so Les phoned me for an educated discussion on the issue. It meant another day in the shop, so I needed to switch from van to car rental. No problem! Jennifer and Denise, as always, are among the Wonder Staff at Hanlees' handy rental agency, and they had me driving away with substitute wheels before I could say "Jack Robinson". 

Hanlees of Davis has done a great job keeping my car in good shape, as I suspect they're doing with most of their customers. Statistically, given that businesses are made of mere human beings, even great effort can sometimes result in an error. So, I hope that those who have experienced someone on the Hanlees team making a rare mistake will give them another chance. Thank you, Team Hanlees!

- M.N., 5/15/2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Hanlees Davis is your place if you are looking for a new or CPO Toyota. Staff was very nice and helpful. I contacted Ashot regarding my future vehicle and he assisted me through the whole process from searching for a right vehicle for my needs and budget, to purchasing accessories.

No pressure or hassle whatsoever. Thank you, Ashot and your team.

- Alexey G., 5/13/2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

Yesterday, I went to this dealership and it's was the best experience. My Nissan Sentra 2012 broke down on the Vallejo bridge due to a blown out engine. The staff at this dealership were not only professional but cared about what I wanted in a new car! They were personal and knowledgeable with their product! They worked it out and got me into a Nisan Sentra 2017! Brian Columbia was my sales person and he was AWESOME! Everyone here was so helpful! Victor is the Sales Manager and he makes things happen! There was a family feel to this place! I recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a new car!

- Charisse C., 5/12/2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

I don't do reviews, I just loaded Yelp to leave this review. I won't give my age, but AARP did send me all kinds of stuff in the mail several years ago, no I'm not old, but I'm not a teenager. I've never bought a new car and I've never bought a used car from a dealer. My wife and I are very selective how we spend our money, always looking for value, and a good buy. I scoured all sources for weeks and narrowed our search. We live in San Jose and went to a dealer about 30 miles away drove a model we liked but told them we had others to look at. We then drove another 85 miles to see a car listed at Hanlees. I gotta point out at this point I still wasn't looking forward to doing this at all. And I really didn't think we would be driving home with a second car at this point. We were greeted by a gentleman named Yaro.

And I emphasize gentleman at this point.

The first words out of his mouth were welcome as he introduced himself, and then quickly asked if we have been working with anyone at Hanlees. This now tells me he is a man of integrity, a huge issue with me as I'm in sales as well. Integrity is doing the right and honest thing when no one else is around. This earns my respect right off the bat, though I still have my guards up. We were invited to drive the car, and we very much liked it.

We then got to the process of the nitty gritty, you know, the part we all dread.

I explained our family scenario and he sincerely heard us out. Came back with the total cost. I asked him to excuse my wife and I to talk in private and agreed to the price. We then moved over to the Finance manager, Dave, he made us very comfortable and proceeded to show us and explain to us all the documents to sign, always allowing me ask all my questions, which were many, prior to signing. Once done we were elated and very happy. We were offered a few extras, though we declined were never ever pushed or hounded. I respected and appreciated this so much. Car dealers wouldn't have the image they are trying to shed if they all conducted themselves the way we were treated. Bottom line, we made a new dear friend, who sells cars for a living. If you are reluctant to go to a dealer as me and my wife were, I would highly recommend asking for Yaro. We are referring all of our family who live in the Sacramento area and our friends in the area to contact him first. Referrals from me are not given, they are earned and our next purchase will start with Yaro. I would like to thank the upper management at Hanlees for the high standard of their personnel. This is what makes people like me take all of this time to recognize true customer service and to earn my future purchases. I still can't wipe the smile off my face with our purchase. Yes, we are very very happy.

- Mike P., 5/8/2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hanlees Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Kia

This was the first time since Hanlees took over from Swift that I've been in for service, I must say that I was pleased with the service. The service guy was friendly and attentive. I had a service contract with Swift and he was able to find the info and get it transferred over and get my work done. I waited for my truck to be completed and it was done in a very short time compared to what I was used to with Swift and the truck was washed.

Great job, Hanlees.

- Steve V., 5/7/2017

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

I was in desperate need in buying a new car after my old car broke down completely. Being a first time buyer, I headed out to Toyota Hanlees Hilltop in search for the Toyota Camry SE with my parents. I thought a used 2015 Toyota Camry SE would be a good choice for my price range. Reymark Jennings of Hanlees Hilltop made the buying process smooth as butter. I highly recommend him to those interested in Toyota vehicles. There was no pressure in buying, no false price gimmicks, just relaxed civil negotiations. All my concerns and questions were gladly answered. I happened to drive out with a new 2017 Toyota Camry SE (beauty) with ZERO down payment!

Thank you, Toyota!

- Noorie L., 5/3/2017

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

Well, I can honestly say this. The service at Hilltop Hanlees Nissan for me has been great. I purchased one car from them and turned around and purchased another one five months later. Both of my cars had their first oil changes and whatever else is needed at the time. The service department has been great as well. They got my car in and out as fast and efficient as possible. Also this is one dealership that I have always been asked if I needed help as soon as I walked in but never hounded and followed by workers the entire time. I think that's important simply because myself like to sit in cars and get a good feel for it for several reasons. Is it comfortable. Am I crapped in the driver and passenger seats. How's the head room and many of other things. Beside I know I'm not the only one that talk to themselves while checking them out... lol. So, bottom line you don't need a salesman there. All the time, only when you need help and so far it's been like that at Hilltop Hanlees Nissan.

- Darryl B., 5/4/2017