Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hanlees Fleet

Hi I try to write reviews on all major purchases. My wife and I purchases a 2012 Chevy Equinox from Dave Estacio the Fleet Manager with Hanlees Chevrolet and Toyota. I was there a total of maybe an hour. We went there and picked out the Equinox we wanted. Props to Hanlees for having the best selection I've seen too. It was great that I didn t have to keep going to dealer to dealer. Another cool thing we liked was Dave Estacio completed all the paper work with us in his office. We didn't have to go to some finance office to get hammered for another hour plus. Thank you Dave Estacio and Hanlees Chevrolet Fleet Dept! I'll send as many people I can your way and I ll be back for my truck in about a year. Anyone looking should call Dave at 530-231-3326 (I think his direct number) or I know his email is Good luck.

Dean and Chistine Read