Monday, July 1, 2013

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

" We are happy and mobile!" -G. M.

Historically buying a car is full of headaches and stress. However, I must say, I had a good time.  Nickolay  at Hanlees was just a nice guy who didn't give us any sales pitch.  We communicated through e-mail a few times about the car and set up a time on the phone to see the car.  There was never any high pressure pestering.  I appreciated Nickolay's help with questions etc. but appreciated the space he gave us even more.  It gave us time to talk, research and think  about the car. Once we got there we were in the car for a test drive within 15 minutes.  There was a little bit of haggling over the price (that is the sport of buying a car) but even  when the manager joined the table, it wasn't bad.  We loved the send off ceremony and congratulations. Also,  I received a couple check in phone calls and follow up e-mails to make sure all was good.  We bought a used car so I appreciate that Hanlee works to establish a relationship with us.  We are happy and mobile! "

- G. M. 6/30/13

G., we are equally glad that we could help you become happy and mobile. We appreciate your time to provide feedback. Welcome to the Hanlees Family!