Friday, July 26, 2013

Hanlees Hilltop Volkswagen

" Thanks Hanlees Hilltop!"  -KK G.

     "I showed up as a damsel in distress as I was on my way to the airport and my car broke down on the Carquinez bridge and left calm, cool, and collected. I had a heartattack when I saw the dealership under construction. However, I walked into the construction trailer,I explained what happened, the knew the problem, asked to keep the car and set me up with a loaner. They did everything possible to trouble shoot that they got all of the problem. I was impressed with the customer service (manager of parts was awesome) and the Stephen the manager of service treated me like I was VIP. I will actually drive an hour to take my car to be serviced in the future and I would definitly buy a new car from there. Thanks Hanlees Hilltop!"

- KK G. 7/26/13

     Thank you very much for the positive feedback and kind words. Hanlees is investing in the future as you can see from the construction and we look forward to taking care of your automotive needs.Welcome to the Hanlees Family.