Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai

Viva rocks! Ron rocks! HHH rocks! And my Veloster REALLY rocks! - Steve N. 

"Viva rocks! Ron rocks! HHH rocks! And my Veloster REALLY rocks! We really saw the whole team go the extra mile for us and we drove out in a car that had truly been at the top of my wish list for awhile now, but just didnt seem quite within reach at the time.  But these folks made it happen. Of course, it's in any car salesperson's best interest to "make that sale", but it was obvious that Viva knew and understood our position and truly wanted us to be able to get the car. So a little work with the numbers and our budget we came home that day in our beautiful new Veloster!!!! It's a real eye catcher that people really make note of it. and needless to say we LOVE IT!
So once again, thanks Viva, thanks Ron and the whole team that made for a truly happening day in the sometimes not so happening times of our lives. Oh, and thanks to the cookie lady that just strolled around in the showroom offering up those scrumptious warm oatmeal cookies. Aaaaahhhhh .... WHAT A DAY!! Nice people, cookies .....and a new car!!!!! "

- Steve N. 09/16/13

Steve, YOU ROCK! Thanks for taking the time to write an amazing review of our service. It is our goal to make sure every customer has a "Rock'n" review. Welcome to the Hanlees Family!