Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

" Easy, quick, friendly, simple, honest. -Tim M. 

"   I had a good experience and got a great deal buying a new Camry at this dealership. They stood behind every price they quoted to the penny, an out-the-door price other Bay Area dealerships I contacted laughed at. I heard them say: "there's no way they can sell that car at that price ..."; "they have obviously made a mistake in quoting that price ..."; "are you sure you are talking about the same model?" But salesman Barry Holbrook had not misquoted or miscalculated. I liked that there was no pressure to purchase add-ons like nitro in the tires and door moldings; an extended warranty was mentioned but no sales pitch and, again, no pressure to buy. Easy, quick, friendly, simple, honest. I highly recommend Hanlees Hilltop Toyota and salesman Barry Holbrook. "

- Tim M. 08/31/13

Tim , Thank your for taking the time to share your wonderful experience. It is our goal to ensure every customer has an equally positive or better experience like the one your have described. We hope you enjoy your new car and we look forward to earning your service again in the future. Welcome to the Hanlees Family!