Friday, September 6, 2013

Hanlees Hilltop Volkswagen

They are the nicest people you'll ever meet, give a car a test drive. -Edivaldo M. 

Being a first time car-buyer, I tried to hold my own and act like I knew what I was doing. In reality, I was confused by the financial part of the deal. Luckily, I had great people helping me out, big thanks to Michael, who no longer works there.

Car salesman get a bad rap, because many, if not most aren't there to help you. But luckily VW has great people there, who enjoy helping people find a car that won't be a burden later on. A year since I purchased my car, I've had to do my service, the first 3 are free for every 10,000 miles. Every little thing I've come to bring my car in for, not that anything was wrong with it, I just had questions, they've been more than wonderful enough to help. Gary is currently in charge, last I checked, the man is fairly new to VW in Hilltop, but he sure knows how to make you feel like you've been friends for ages. There is also his assistant, I believe, whom is just a complete doll and always goes above and beyond to make sure you're taken care off. Like she put it, "I've been a VW owner for 15+ years, best choice I ever made". With someone who knows about the car like she does, you know that your car is in a great hands.

Currently, the dealership is going through a bit of a remodeling, as is the Toyota one. With the construction site next to the portable offices, things get a little dusty, but don't let that take anything away from making the choice to meet with the sales people. I highly recommend meeting Harvey, Robert, and/or Juan, because you will be in great hands, if you are serious about buying a car. With years of experience in the business, minus Juan who is relatively new, both Harvey and Robert don't BS you, because in the end, you have the choice to purchase a car or not, but they'll surely make you a deal that you won't find anywhere else.

To end it, give them a try. They don't bite. They are the nicest people you'll ever meet, give a car a test drive. I did, and I will be returning soon for a new car. "

- Edivaldo M. 09/04/13

Edivaldo, thank you very much for takeing the time to share your kind words. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We hope to see you soon and provide you with a great car purchasing experience.