Monday, February 10, 2014

Hanleees Fremont Hyundai

" This is the best place to buy a car from in the bay area. Simone is the best sales man there ALWAYS ask for him first he will do his best to have you leave happy. Not to mention free warrenty.. how can you beat that. If your looking to buy a car go here and save yourself from all the stress! 6 thumbs up from alexis harley and aimee!!! " 

- Harley T. 02/08/14

Harley, Let's just say we are thrilled about receiving a review like this. Reading your generous feedback makes all of our hard work and efforts toward customer satisfaction totally worth it. It's great to know that we can make a difference like this everyday in people's car buying experience. Thank you so much! Welcome to the Hanlees Family!

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