Friday, February 21, 2014

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

"okay so i have to start off by thanking lisa and tony for being so friendly and professional without using any "sale tatics" on me. being in sales myself i know when i'm smelling bullshit. i purchased my 2011 elantra with some minor hiccups. one was when i got home i discovered a huge dent/hole on the back of the bumper. i called the dealership the very next day and spoke to tony to make my complaint he asked me to bring the car by for inspection which i did. they agreed to fix my bumper without any hassle knowing that i clearly didn't create the damage. while my car was being serviced they even provided me a loaner which i ended up using for over a week(was told i only have it for 48hours) anyways once i got my car back they were kind enough to refill my tank since i had to come out of pocket that entire week using the malibu (c'mon it was a v6 for god sakes!!) overall i think i will be a returning customer in the near future!! btw i love my car:) excellent service, good quality vehicles 
:-) " 
- Stephen K. 02/21/14
Stephen, we are so glad you love your new car. We apologize for any inconvenience but we appreciate your patience and understanding. We look forward to earning your service again in the future and thank you for your time. Welcome to the Hanlees Family.