Monday, August 4, 2014

Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai

Update from my purchase one year ago. STILL LOVE MY HYUNDAI!!  Engine light came on last night. Always creates a little feeling of panic. Drove up the next day, Saturday to the dealership, since still under warranty. Service department is closed at Hyundai BUT same owner for the Nissan dealership next door, so they advised me to go to their Service Department. The worker behind the counter said that they don't have the proper equipment to check the car, though, since it is a different manufacturer. LUCKILY, one of the service technicians, Shain Khan was standing right there and he let me know that he could help me out because he works at both locations. At least he would be able to let me know if I could continue to drive the car. He checked out the reading and it just needed a software update. He did it right then and there!  UNBELIEVABLE customer service and very polite and professional!!  5 Stars for Shain Khan and my experience
- Donna M., 8/2/14