Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

I have been looking for a very specific Audi and finally found my car on the Hanlee's website. The car was at their Davis location, I am in the Bay Area. I took the train and they picked me up at the Davis station so I could test drive my car right away. When I bought my beautiful Audi I also purchased the Drive Forever Extended Warranty with premium wrap coverage.

I am so happy I purchased this warranty. But I am more grateful for the continuous support the Hanlee team provided me after my purchase. There were several significant repairs that needed to be made. The Hanlee's team, from finance to service went way beyond what I thought a car dealership would do to support a used car purchase. In addition, I really appreciated that they kept me calm while working with the warranty company to ensure my repairs were made under the coverage of my contract. 

They stand behind what they sell. Even 6 months out and when the repairs were made by another company, they still helped me. I am extremely impressed and would definitely buy another car from them.

- Tiffeny P., 6/3/15