Monday, July 20, 2015

Hanlees Napa Subaru

Having bought a number of cars over the years, I've had experiences ranging from horrible to great- There have only been two that were great, and this was one of them. We knew what we wanted after doing our research on the internet, and did a few of the online forms to get the dealers to call back and give us their pricing over the phone. Adam was our sales guy, and he called back the fastest by far, and offered a price that was better than the other two dealerships on the Subaru we were looking by a good amount. 

Got to the dealership and saw a slightly different one with the options we wanted instead, and they gave us no trouble about making the price the same, even though it was a few hundred more for the package we selected.

Generally, where I get really annoyed is with the finance managers. Not sure if it's that they have been around so long that they are used to pushing folks around or what, but I've walked out on a couple through the years. In this case, Josh was super nice, not pushing hard on things we said we didn't want, and continued the process without being what you typically expect at a car dealership. I'd recommend these guys with no issues, thanks for making for a painless

- Eric M., 7/17/2015