Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai

We were helped by Margarita in sales Dept.

My Husband and I went in last Wednesday to look at the Hyundai Veloster, Margarita  was very helpful and patient and had an amazing attitude with excellent customer service skills. Margarita followed through and even helped me after we purchased the car. She truly deserves acknowledgement and a raise, she isn't pushy and rude like many other sales reps I dealt with prior to coming to Hilltop Hyundai. She truly cares that her customers are taken care of and she doesn't make empty promises. 

Perfect example of her excellent costumer service, I was given a loaner vehicle last night after dropping our new car off  because I would not be able to go in the morning because I start work at 5am and we had an appt. on Monday morning to getting window tints installed ...any who.... After I had driven off I realized that the loaner car was empty on gas. I thought to myself why would they give me a car that has no gas? I messaged Margarita and asked her if it was protocol for costumers to put gas in loaner vehicles or if it was a mistake this happened. Margarita got back to me apologized and offered a solution.  It was not her problem or mistake but she still helped me.

- Anna M., 11/9/15