Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

I started my truck buying experience several months ago. I had been to many dealerships and got cloe to buying on a number of different occasions but I am glad that I waited. Other dealerships wanted me to pay top dollar for something that I really wasn't that into, that was not the case at Hanlees Hilltop. From the second I stepped into the showroom, I could tell that I was dealing with a dealership that actually valued customer service and customer needs.

My experience with Hanlees started days before actually visiting the showroom. I had decided on a 16 Tundra TRP PRO (limited edition, tough to find) and I basically knew what I was getting into. I spent hours on, truecar apps etc. I called over ten dealerships who advertised that they had the vehicle I was in search of but when it came down to questions on the particular vehicle or its availability, salesman would get short and helpfulness would go out the window. Not when I called Hanlees, i dialed the 1-800 number at around 8:15PM expecting to speak to a phone tree or operator.

I was pleasantly surprised to speak with the internet sales manager, David Ruiter. David had the phone calls  to the dealership forwarded to his cellphone after hours and even though he was off work, he took the time to answer my questions. I had a few tough technical questions that David couldn't answer. Instead of feeding me bad information, David put me in contact with a technical engineer from Toyota who's only job was to test feature on the Tundra and provide feedback. I was completely taken back by the level of support show by David and his team. I knew right then that this dealership would be the place where I would purchase my truck.

David confirmed that he had the Tundra TRD Pro that I was interested in and welcomed me to come by and check out the truck. When I went into Hanlees, I did not get bombarded by annoying sales people. I spent hours at the dealership with my wife looking at every option on the truck and comparing them to other trucks on the lot as well as surrounding dealerships.

The level of respect I was shown by the staff at Hanlees was very high. I did not get pressured by David or any other staff person at the dealership. Even though I did not purchase the truck the first time I came into the dealership, the level of treatment remained the same. This was completely different than other dealerships who practically hold you hostage and refuse to let you leave. Hanlees understood that this was a large investment and time was needed to make the final decision.

About two weeks after my initial conversation with David, it was time to make the purchase. I showed up and began the seamless process of purchasing the TRD PRO. I was in and out of the dealership within two hours. My truck got a full detail while I worked on financing with Robert. Robert was honest and covered all my options as far as warranties and coverage was concerned. Robert worked closely with my credit union and took care of EVERY last detail on the contract. 

As i waited, a salesman named Elbert waited on me hand and foot. He even volunteered to grab me lunch while I waited for the final paperwork to be completed and approved. Elbert went over syncing my phone to the stereo system and covered many other options with me which really helped me understand the features on the truck.

As i was leaving, David did a final walk around of the truck and identified a minor flaw in the clear bra on the front of the truck, something that I overlooked. David insisted that this be fixed and he arranged to have a new clear bra ordered and installed on my brand new Tundra.

The next day, both David and Elbert called me to check in and ask me about my new Tundra. What a great feeling and even a greater dealership.

This was my first purchase of a new vehicle and it changed the way I view new car purchasing. I will ONLY use Hanlees for future purchases of vehicles and servicing. I left David and his team feeling awesome about the decision i made with Hanlees and the Toyota Tundra!

Special thanks to David, Elbert, Robert and Antonio, you guys ROCK!!

- Robert R., 1/13/2016