Monday, April 4, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

If you want a great guy and not a typical car pusher, ask for MATT when you arrive on the lot. I wanted to test drive the 2016 Tundras and with no questions asked Matt grabbed the keys and we hit the road. I explained to him that I had a perfectly fine 2011 Tundra at the moment and that my wife and I were thinking about upgrading but that I just wanted to see what the 2016 had to offer. I didn't feel a bit of pressure the entire time we were there.

However, the truck sold itself. So a simple test drive turned into the upgrade I had been waiting for. I wanted to get it perfect though. I didn't want to go home with anything but the exact truck I wanted and for the exact price we were willing to pay for it. Matt went to work for us. Starting off with finding the exact color and truck package from their inventory which didn't happen to be on the lot at the time. All the way to negotiating with his manager on our behalf for the payments we needed, etc. Might I add that by this time it was around 10-11 pm and he saw it out to the bitter end with us. Not to mention we had our two young boys with us. Not the best parenting but Matt helped us out in every way he could.

Our truck arrived a day later and and we were picking up and driving home our dream truck before we knew it. Matt offered his full assistance in any way possible for the future as well. Car washes from the dealership, floor mats were delivered to our door which we received for employee discount price, any questions we may have on the truck and setting up electronics... He did it all! Matt deserves every bit of five stars for his service. Thank you Matt!!

- Casey N., 4/1/2016

2016 Toyota Tundra