Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

I brought my vehicle in the other day because my car was making an inconsistent screeching noise and I could not pinpoint its location. I had already brought my car to another establishment a few days earlier but they couldn't resolve the issue for me and I was starting to grow more concerned. So, when I finally made it to Nissan, I was praying they would know what to do. Anthony was the best!!l- he helped to break down the problem and explain what might be wrong so that I could understand (I definitely don't know enough about cars). After his team examined the car, he explained why my car was making that noise, how it can be fixed and the time/ money it would take to fix it. I got my car back the next day and felt that I was charged fairly for the repair and I could not be happier with the my service- no more screeching! If you ever need work on your Nissan, I would go straight to Hanlees and ask for Anthony Colombo.

- Theresa M., 5/10/2016