Monday, May 23, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

I wanted to herewith rewrite my review/rating on Hanlees Toyota, however, I can only, it seems, write another review which will count towards a dealer's rating, and which will then in effect, cancel or negate my earlier review/rating. At any rate, if you read my first 1 star rating, I must say that I am still finishing eating a generous helping of humble pie. I jumped to the conclusion that my experienced purchase details were irreversible, hence the lousy rating I bestowed upon Hanlees. When I got around to telling them how upset I was with my purchase experience, I was completely blown out of that thought process by Sales Manager David Ruiter calling me to inform me that they were in effect taking back the used car I had purchased, the one without GPS navigation although I had been told it had it, by sales person Ashley, a new-hire at Hanlees. Ashley is a very nice, personable young lady who made a mistake, something we all do frequently. She accepted responsibility which impressed me a lot. The end result of my buying experience could not have been better, in that they sold me a new 2016 Rav4 XLE to replace the 2014 Rav4 XLE, and I should add, did so at a very attractive price.

I am so happy with the end result, that it doesn't seem right that I can only give them five stars.
I honestly don't believe that as many as one dealer in a thousand, or even less would have treated a buyer even close to how fairly they treated me.

So, if you are in the market for a newer ride, I feel you can't go wrong with these people employed by the Hanlees Auto Group. And, if you are a veteran, show them that you are, and they will make sure that your buying experience is as good as there is to be had. Sales Manager David Ruiter assured me that military veterans will receive the best handling he can make possible.

As for the Toyota VSA warranty protection, it is a cancelable item, which I did cancel. The Toyota Gap insurance I kept because my Costco auto insurance will not make up the difference between a totaled or non-recovered theft vehicle, etcetera, and what I may owe at the time of the loss. They pay Blue Book, so you might want to seriously consider the Gap policy if you are financing close to the full amount of your cars purchase price. 

Thank you Hanlees Toyota!

- J.C.M., 5/21/2016