Friday, July 22, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

Saw a used 2014 Prius Three online and I went to their website to inquire about it. I get a call 10 minutes later from Giovanni to set up an appointment. An hour before before my actual appointment he calls again to ensure that the car is still available and he'll be ready when I come in. 

Giovanni was really helpful and relaxed when we met him. He showed us the Prius I had in mind. He gave us the run down while he let us inspect the vehicle and bombard him with questions about it. Long story short, I ended up purchasing a different 2014 Prius Three from the lot that I was much happier with in terms of price, mileage, and looks. Giovanni was helpful with getting all the information for that one instead. The best part was that he was not pushy, I was able to tell him flat out from the beginning honestly what I wanted and needed, and he worked with me based on what he can and cannot do. No games. I came in there ready for a battle, but he made the experience better than I expected of how it would turn out. Jose from Financing was also great 'cause he didn't throw any attitude when I was honest about only what I needed and what my budget was. 

I would recommend Giovanni for this location. Sorry to hear some folks had bad experiences, but I was happy with mine and I thought I should balance the reviews out. The process did take long, but I knew that coming in. It's not like I was just buying groceries... So the waiting was understandable. 

On a side note: my car was missing a hubcap and Giovanni ensured new ones would be dropped off to me, so I will update on whether this happens or not

- Andre J., 7/22/2016