Monday, July 18, 2016

Hanlees Napa Subaru

I went to trade in my car for a newer one here yesterday. The salesman whose name I believe was John Preston was very helpful and super knowledgeable and polite. He was very welcoming to any questions we had and did everything he could to make sure we had a nice experience. He was definitely the best car salesman I have ever dealt with! However, the finance manager I dealt with did not impress me. He would continually pester me about buying extra warranties and other things, which I understand salesmen try to do, but he seemed to get mad when I would decline paying even more money than I wanted. He just did not seem very nice or friendly, nothing like the salesman was. Even after all of this, when I drove home in the car the gas tank was almost empty and the car was covered in dirt. I have never bought a car that was not filled for me, so this seemed a bit lacking. The car was so dirty that I had to pull over and wipe the windshield off with napkins so I could actually see what I was doing!! Though I was not very impressed with the way they stored the car, they were not bad overall. Just a few things that could be fixed in order to create great service!

It's been a bit now since I bought the car. It needed new carpets, which I had planned on picking up from them, but they instead hand delivered them to my house for me. I am very impressed with how above and beyond they are willing to go for their customers!

- Red W., 7/15/2016