Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Pete Johnson (pete.johnson@hanlees.net) was our salesman, 10 out of 10. I did my research before hand, had shopped around to 7 other dealerships and was at rock bottom price where price no longer became a bargaining chip and commodities and service did. Pete Johnson came in to beat all other prices with the best negotiation (This was all done via internet and phone before I came to the dealership). Once we settled on the car (2016 Toyota Prius) and decided to buy it at the dealership, Pete still came back to show my wife and I a few things about the car even after we had started the paperwork which Pete didn't have to do. He was friendly and funny and a straight shooter. Pete wanted to sell a car and so he did just that.

I tried to go into it as informed as possible, it was my first new car purchase and I've heard of lots of people getting stiffed on price. Our "stiff" lay in the financing department, they lost money on the car but made it up in the finance room because we didn't catch a 1% increase in the interest quoted between the salesman to the finance room. I wrote down what the salesman said, but looking back at the paperwork later it was off by 1%. After calling finance about it a couple days after the purchase Dave Krugman told me, "You did a fantastic job, but the bleeding had to stop".

Dave Krugman (dave.krugman@hanlees.net) was our finance manager. Now that being said, he did his job and he did it well. He made it fun for my kids (1yr and 3yr) giving my 3yr old some "documents" to sign as well with her own highlighted color while we were going through the motions of paperwork. He had a great attitude and didn't pressure us on any of the aftermarket items. (We didn't buy any.) However, he also didn't give us a choice in a 72 month or 60 month loan negotiating the interest rate (obviously to me now to obtain more money over the period of the loan because we never told the salesman what monthly price we were aiming at). So we got the 72 month loan with a 1% interest more than what the salesman quoted us with on a 72 month (at the dealership the salesman said finance interest is finances department, when I called back a few days later finance said we just did the paperwork to what you agreed to at sales...so there was a little he said she said at play.)

We came in with a 791 credit score. It was my fault for not being prepared for the after sales price negotiations. However, none of this is due to any slight on Dave Krugman's part, he showed us exactly what we were signing and went over the documents at the time of purchase as well as the interest rate. Overall, we got a great deal, the process was smooth and seamless. We were in and out with a new car in about two hours on a Sunday night. I'd recommend to work with these two guys in the future and wouldn't have a problem working with them myself again. I learned a valuable lesson in my first new car sale, but I also walked out still having a great deal. Win win.

- Daniel C., 8/23/2016