Monday, August 29, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Dear Mr. Karakozov,

I am writing to let you know about the very pleasant car-buying experience I recently had at Hanlees Toyota.

I paid my first visit to the dealership on August 1. At that time I was a bit nervous, since I hadn't purchased a new car in 19 years (a 1997 Camry, which is still going strong). I was greeted outside the building by David Derebenskiy, who immediately put me at ease. He was polite, helpful, and informative. (He also has a terrific sense of humor.) He took me for a test drive in a Prius, and "Big Matt" (another terrific salesman) took me for a test in a different Prius.
I informed David that I would check into the Prius and that I would also be getting advice from my son.

On August 5, David called me. I told him that I had decided against the Prius and would like to test a RAV4 and a Corolla. He patiently showed me both cars and took me for test drives that day. Again, he was a thorough professional. I told him I would do some research and check with my son.

On August 17, my son had time to attend to the matter. (I had decided on the Corolla.). I tried getting in touch with David but was told he wouldn't be back until Friday. Unfortunately, my son wouldn't be available on Friday, so I decided to go ahead with my purchase (all the while feeling awfully guilty about David).

We wound up with Brandon Cornilsen, who was very helpful and personable. He said he would make sure that David got some credit for the sale. Brandon very patiently answered all the questions my son and I had on the Corolla and took us for a test drive. During negotiations on the price, Brandon was extremely diplomatic and pleasant.

Our final stop was Caleb Hargreaves, who was very knowledgeable, pleasant and professional. I wound up purchasing the Toyota Extra Care Platinum package.

From beginning to end, my entire experience in purchasing a new car couldn't have been more pleasant. You have a marvelous staff, and I would definitely recommend Hanlees Toyota in the future.

Catherine R.