Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

My wife and I purchased a new truck at Hanlees last Sunday. I had originally gone in just to test drive the truck they had in inventory, which was close to what I was looking for. Even though I knew I was looking for something different, I sat down with Brian Sassman to discuss the details of the vehicle I was looking for. I had done quite a bit of research about the particular trim and model that we wanted. Brian acknowledged that they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, but he and the management made a concerted effort that day to find the truck. After unsuccessfully searching for the truck, Brian assured me that they would follow up with me, and would find me exactly what I was looking for. Brian followed up just about every day that week with the progress they were making. He was patient in answering my questions and concerns throughout the process. And last Saturday, after having kept me informed all week, he notified me that the truck was in and assured me that it was being reserved for us. In the interim I had found my price point and had shared that with Brian. He was flexible in working with us, understanding of our position, and we eventually agreed to something that worked for everybody. Brian was a true professional throughout what can be a lengthy and tedious process. Brian is easy to talk to and seemed to really care about helping us get the truck that we wanted. After negotiating the contract, we went to see Caleb in the finance department. Again, what could have been a difficult process was made enjoyable by Caleb, who is also an extremely nice and thoughtful individual. Purchasing a new vehicle is a tough process and a big commitment, so we felt lucky to work with individuals who were friendly and made the process as easy as possible. A big thank you to Brian and Caleb! We love our Tacoma!

- Joshua E., 9/21/2016