Monday, September 26, 2016

Hanlees Davis Toyota

We visited three times before we bought a car. We had help from Alex, Brandon, and Matt. and finally bought a Prius with Matt's help. All three were very polite, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Matt's been there the longest and is very knowledgeable about Priuses. I've been back twice to learn things about the car, and he has patiently helped me each time. To get the color we wanted they had to get the car for us from another dealer, and when it arrived it had a few small issues, which they immediately took care of or replaced. Very professional and very generous of them, because one of the issues was a seatbelt the other dealer had had stuck into a seat lock, so it was a little crumpled. Basically cosmetic. Hanlees replaced the whole seatbelt. I was surprised really, and pleased. I might also mention I bought the car through Costco, so got a good Costco discount as well as some rebates. The dealer didn't make much money off me and my husband at all, but they still treated us very well. I should also add that the three young men were all very polite about each other, no one saying he was better than another one, all friends and colleagues. The whole feeling around buying the car was positive and pleasant. Yes, of course they offered us a variety of things we could have added on, but we took only one, and refused the rest, and that was fine. We left twice, but they didn't come after us or offer us anything. No hard sell. We had a good experience. 

- Claudia K., 9/25/2016