Monday, November 14, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai

After an exhaustive search that included many different sales people including sales managers, internet sales and floor sales at multiple dealerships I found two things at Hanlees Hilltop Hyundai (HHH), a great car (we're super happy) and more importantly, an awesomely rockin' sales person, Racquel (she's really cool). If you need a car, new or used, no matter the make or model, call Racquel. She is a true car person - knows all about them. In fact, just about anything with a motor, she knows - and not just Hyundai...all makes. She also knows financing and everything about the car buying process - she's a true professional. If you hate dealing with sales people or are not comfortable about the car buying game or are putting off replacing or buying a car because of anxiety, nerves or potential sales pressure, she is the person to talk to...she can help you. On a Yelp scale of one to five stars, she's a 10.

- Davin C., 11/14/2016