Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

I recently purchased a Certified Used Nissan Juke for my daughter. I read reviews from many other Nissan dealerships and none caught my eye the way reviews were written for a salesman named Anthony. I could tell they were all genuine. I called prior to going to make sure he would be there. Anthony had the car waiting in the driveway when we arrived ready to test drive. He was very nice and mannerable, he didn't try to "sell" us on the vehicle only pointing out the salient points. He was very personable, yet not over speaking in any way. I decided to purchase the vehicle and went into the office to start the paperwork.

Bring in sales person number 2 whom I shall refer to as the "Enforcer" He looked like the muscle in a mafia movie. Dressed in all black, white teeth, tan skin, impeccably groomed, his job was to up-sale me to get rid of the "new" overstocked 2016's on the lot. I guess to some he would be intimidating, but his face betrays his persona. He has a kind smile, and face. He was a big teddy bear! He was a stand-up guy who didn't annoy me in any way. He had a job to do and he came in and did it in a pleasant, yet straight forward manner. He talked a good game, but when you grow up in East Oakland +Educated you learn a few things. However, on an average customer I could see how he would be very persuasive. I had to walk out to make my point, I don't play!

I was called back in before I made it to the front door (obviously). From there I was ushered into the back office to close the deal. This guy had on a very tiny suit (I get that's the style, but enough already) and spoke with a strong accent. He was very dramatic and "Thought" he could dictate to me and my daughter how this was going down. I didn't know whether to laugh or get angry, I decided on both. In my culture men don't behave like that. He ranted and raved and barked around like a snappy Chihuahua, it took every ounce in me not to roll up the newspaper on his desk and swat him! I was trying to set a Christian example in front of my daughter. Against my wishes he tacked on a $3,000 plus warranty after I said no many times prior, he boldly told me he was adding it on. To avoid catching a case on Pepé, I got up to leave and told him I would drive to another dealership in Roseville and give my business to them plus get cheaper financing on a car my daughter equally liked. I further stated it was a holiday weekend and I did not see customers breaking down the door, that it was his lost and that I was out. He laughed an exaggerated novella laugh and ushered me back in from his office door. He looked deflated and said I had insulted him. Imagine that, I insulted him! After I basically had to sit through all that theatrical nonsense. He mumbled that I didn't trust anyone! After I questioned if he tweaked a number. Sir, I don't know you from Adam + this is a car dealership, no I do not trust you, very perceptive. He had this whole Alpha Napoleon complex thing going on and was not used to, not winning, especially getting outsmarted by a woman. By the way there was no second vehicle in Roseville! He had an objective, so did I! To say one positive thing about this encounter, he lowered the APR, and the pictures of his kids were beautiful! Also he was good at what he did, it just didn't play well with me.

Lastly, the finance guy, I think his name was Trent. He was very self- deprecating, even apologizing up front about his health, his breathing. He came off as Verbal from the Usual Suspects, however, Trent was more like Keyser Söze when it came to the numbers. He is a very intelligent man. I went over every single line. He courteously explained all my questions in succinct detail. He gave my daughter some sage advice and circled back to ensure I was satisfied. 

To sum it up, Anthony really is a great kid, he will reel you in, not get involved with all the high sale politics and do a great job. He went over and above, even offering to detail the car further "After" I already purchased it to satisfy one of my concerns. He had excellent follow through. I would not have even gone to this dealership to begin with if not for his good reviews. He far surpassed them, and I can be tough. A definite breath of fresh air in this process, Anthony is a very nice guy who will not insult your intelligence. The Enforcer gets high marks also. Thanks for turning a challenging experience for all of us into a positive. My daughter loves the car and is very satisfied with the purchase, 

Anthony, thanks!

- J.S., 11/2/2016