Monday, December 12, 2016

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

Hanlees Chevrolet is fortunate to have Christina Mendes working for them. I have known her for many years and when I heard she was leaving Woodland Motors I didn't hesitate to change my business account to Hanlees. Christina's customer service skills are rare now a days. She is impeccable at her job. My fleet of vehicles are now being serviced at Hanlees Chevrolet because I appreciate good, prompt service. I just make a phone call to her and she takes care of the rest. The service she has always provided is great. It's convenient to have our trucks picked up and delivered from the yard. Even when we need a tow, Christina sets that up for us. Thank you Christina for the great service! You are definitely appreciated by myself and everyone else that has followed you to Davis. I know a lot of farmers depend on you too. I'm glad you have quality technicians still working on our trucks. They are running great and it's thanks to you guys.

- Mark C., 12/11/2016