Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hanlees Hilltop Volkswagen

Buying a car should be hassle free. Too often you're promised one thing only to get you in the door and have things switched up upon arrival. I already knew what I wanted and where my credit stood, so there's no haggling with me when I've been verified as highly worthy with my "A" credit. Well while everyone else (other VW dealers) were trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, Joel came to the rescue. Honest, friendly, kind of guy. No hidden BS. It went exactly as discussed. I walked in and my car was ready. Signed my papers and was out immediately. It was no different than any other store run. I was thoroughly pleased with my experience!! The entire staff was friendly and greeted us as family. If I get another VW in the next few years, Hanlees is getting my money once again.

- Delois D., 12/7/2016