Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Truly great experience, again!! I've lived in Davis 18 years and have now purchased four new cars from Hanlees Davis Toyota. 

The most recent one was this month, 1/16/17. Traded in our 2015 Corolla S Plus that we purchased here a year ago for a new 2017 Corolla SE!! The service, as always, was excellent and Brandon Cornilsen was a pleasure to work with. The offers from Toyota were so good, 1500 cashback on Corollas from Toyota, and combined with the great deal we received a year ago, we are actually paying LESS each for this car that is 2 years newer and has a ton more features!! 

2015 Corollas are great but no auto-headlights which was a "thing" for me all through 2016. Now we have a Corolla with adaptive cruise control, lane departure intervention (like the cool TV ads show during football), much cooler touch panel screen and the front face of the 2017 Corolla is sweet.. Did I mention it's 2 years newer. :)

The sincere and friendly service from the entire staff is the reason I continue to give them my business and recommend them to my friends. Friendly environment, helpful and offering very good offers. Delighted to support local Davis business when the experience is this great. I will be back as this was for my wife. 

Thinking about the Toyota 86 Brandon and I drove.. Almost time for my mid-life crisis sports car!! :)

Our Purchase History. All from Hanless Toyota in Davis

2001 - Sienna XLE
2005 - Camry LE V6 (loved the V6!)
2016 - Corolla S Plus (2015)
2017 - Corolla SE (2017)

- Jim D., 1/17/2017