Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hanlees Napa Subaru

My girlfriend and I were looking for the right vehicle days to trade in for my old sedan. We were driving by Hanlees for work and noticed the EXACT vehicle we wanted, year, make, model and color.

We went into the dealership and we're greeted by Adam and Mike. Wonderfully kind and professional gentlemen. We told them our precarious situation (we had an upside car, no down payment but excellent credit). They were able to get us in the vehicle we wanted in under two hours, all the paperwork done, loan approved through a local credit union and trade-in was taken off of our hands!

Cheers to Mike and Adam, we really do owe them and highly suggest if you are considering an auto purchase in the area to allow the excellent staff of Hanlees to take care of you!!!

- Joe D., 2/1/2017