Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hanlees Napa Subaru

I went in to Hanlees Subaru expecting to car shop around and price out a new 2017 Crosstrek. I was looking to buy my first car (all by myself) and I couldn't have picked a better place! While my mom and i were browsing cars, Adam came out to help us. He quickly pulled a car out for a test drive and immediately I fell in love! 

I had heard so many horror stories about car dealers trying to "screw you out of your money," so going in I was pretty skeptical. If you are skeptical about car dealers, GO TO HANLEES!! They help break the trend of car dealers who only want your money! They are looking out for YOU at Hanlees. 

I had a strict budget, as I am in college and only work part time; meaning I can only afford so much for a monthly payment. We spent some time working through numbers, but he ended up getting me a price rage, with a low interest rate loan, right in my budget! 

After we settled on a price, we went over to sign paperwork and talk about add on's with Michael, the financial advisor. Michael helped me out with INSANE deals on car sealant, tire protection, extended warranty, and prepaid maintenance. He was honest with what I needed, lowered the prices and truly did not try to scam me AT ALL! 

I truly cant thank Adam and Michael enough for all of their efforts to get me my dream car, at an affordable price, with all the protection I need!

- Nataly C., 2/8/2017