Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hanlees Davis Chevrolet

Thanks to Hanlees for hosting Pack 75's annual Pinewood Derby race again this year and to Tony Christy for helping us coordinate the event. Great community involvement and the boys love racing in the showroom alongside the gleaming hi-po Chevy's.

Also, last December my father brought his 2013 Corvette up from LA to get a second opinion at Hanlees as another dealer in SoCal had told him the car needed thousands of dollars in work to correct some handling issues. Hanlees Service Department gave him an honest appraisal of what needed to be done and what could wait which made him very relieved. After putting together a good proposal, Hanlees had the car ready on time and for many dollars less than what he would have paid down in SoCal.

- John L., 3/7/2017