Monday, March 13, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

Jermaine is the go to guy to help you with your vehicle needs. He created a no pressure atmosphere, super friendly, down to earth, awesome person. He remembered everything I was asking for and contacted me when my dream car came in. After everything, going through all the steps of trading my car in, paperwork of what my payments would be, I backed out. I was not in love with my dream car. He didn't give me any type of attitude. He said not to worry about it. It wasn't my time yet. What surprised me the most was that he contacted me to apologize that I wasn't happy with the car and he hopes that I find the one soon. That meant a lot to me. I have dealt with other people there who only shows interest that you will actually buy something and it never works out. You feel the animosity from them. They no longer help you, you are ignored, not worth their time anymore. Jermaine is completely thin the opposite side of the spectrum. See him. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for being great at what you do. Thanks for being you.

- R.T., 3/10/2017