Friday, March 3, 2017

Hanlees Napa Volkswagen

I love you people I had a wonderful pleasure experience in buying a 2010 Nissan Sentra my husband and I both don't have the best credit but with them they were able to help us out is there is a lady there her name is Cherry she thought really hard to get us this car not only that when someone else was interested she would speak up for us as well as when we went to go pick up the car at another dealership she jumped on it so Cherry thank you.. and then there's Mike and financing Mike is a really good guy he worked really hard to get us a finance the first night we left he gave it a finance charge of 16% with a bank forgot happy we came home with the car and then early next morning he calls us and tell us he's even gotten us a better APR and its with Wells Fargo at 11% so we were able to add gap insurance when we had it at the 16% we weren't able to add the gap insurance so Mike worked really hard to get his financing and get us at the lowest rate possible I would recommend going there my husband and I we may have filed for bankruptcy and just got discharged but they were able to help us get a car.

- Melissa D., 3/2/2017