Monday, May 15, 2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

Hanlees Davis Toyota Service is one of the reasons I'm happy to be a local resident. With busy weekdays, I need a service center I can trust enough that I can forget about my automobile while completing my to-do list, feeling confident that when I return for it later, my car will be running well. In fact, I had gotten so accustomed to this routine that until I read a surprisingly poor review here at Yelp, I was taking Hanlees Toyota Service for granted. Not anymore. I now realize how thankful I should be for such a good team nearby to my home.

Currently, I'm driving a Scion tC, and the service here has been excellent! At my most recent visit, Les Lobo did a thorough and courteous job of arranging, and following through upon, my 45,000 mile service. Friendly Dave-the-van-driver got me where I needed to go. Then, while servicing my car, Hanlees' on-the-ball mechanic spotted a potential problem with my axle, so Les phoned me for an educated discussion on the issue. It meant another day in the shop, so I needed to switch from van to car rental. No problem! Jennifer and Denise, as always, are among the Wonder Staff at Hanlees' handy rental agency, and they had me driving away with substitute wheels before I could say "Jack Robinson". 

Hanlees of Davis has done a great job keeping my car in good shape, as I suspect they're doing with most of their customers. Statistically, given that businesses are made of mere human beings, even great effort can sometimes result in an error. So, I hope that those who have experienced someone on the Hanlees team making a rare mistake will give them another chance. Thank you, Team Hanlees!

- M.N., 5/15/2017