Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Nissan

Well, I can honestly say this. The service at Hilltop Hanlees Nissan for me has been great. I purchased one car from them and turned around and purchased another one five months later. Both of my cars had their first oil changes and whatever else is needed at the time. The service department has been great as well. They got my car in and out as fast and efficient as possible. Also this is one dealership that I have always been asked if I needed help as soon as I walked in but never hounded and followed by workers the entire time. I think that's important simply because myself like to sit in cars and get a good feel for it for several reasons. Is it comfortable. Am I crapped in the driver and passenger seats. How's the head room and many of other things. Beside I know I'm not the only one that talk to themselves while checking them out... lol. So, bottom line you don't need a salesman there. All the time, only when you need help and so far it's been like that at Hilltop Hanlees Nissan.

- Darryl B., 5/4/2017