Friday, June 23, 2017

Hanlees Davis Toyota

I had an excellent experience here at Hanlees Davis Toyota. I had previously owned a Toyota which had been so reliable for the past 17 years, and the only reason we parted was for an upgrade in technology and safety features which can be found universally in all newer Toyota models. 

I purchased a Toyota RAV4 from the sales team who worked patiently with us in negotiations, many individuals were involved in this process- yet all were excellent to work with. A special shout out to the individual in the finance department as well, as he was very helpful, kind, and a pleasure to work with. 

The car is a blast to drive, has an excellent size & ride height (I like to sit high and seat adjustments allow you to sit low or high), the power is very well suited for the vehicle, the technology is excellent, the safety features are incredible (rear cross traffic alert notified me of a skateboarder coming down in a parking garage where I would have otherwise been unable to see him), I can put my kayak on top, and it has an excellent design allowing for maximal utilization of cabin space (6ft tall person can sit comfortably in the back) with seat folding capability. It is everything I have ever wanted and then some. 

A few weeks after purchase, I went back to Hanlees to receive more in depth training where many individuals in the sales team patiently explained the procedures necessary to utilize the many amazing features of my new vehicle. While here, I also purchased a cargo tray and crossbars. Unfortunately there were no cargo trays in stock; however, they ordered it for me and did have cross bars in stock. For the crossbar purchase and installation Adan Carranza was super kind and very helpful while troubleshooting the placement and verifying the hold/security of the crossbars. I look forward to coming back to this location in the future for whatever else I may need

- Camille M., 6/23/2017