Monday, June 12, 2017

Hanlees Napa Subaru

I bought my 2013 Golf from this dealership about 4 years ago. My car was starting having some major issues and since I had serviced my car here in the past, I felt it was the right place to take it in to get looked at. My car was still drivable but the issue was hard to pinpoint so after a few days with my car I asked for it back because I needed a car to drive. But they didn't know what was wrong with my car. I wasn't to upset until a few days later after the issue kept happening again. I was frustrated the dealership said they couldn't fix my car because they didn't know what was wrong. If they can't fix it then who is going to?

I had been communicating with Cody this entire time about my car, he was very helpful and explained everything to me the first time. When I came into the dealership I learned Cody was the manager. We talked for a while and I explained how disappointed I was about the issues my car was experiencing. I am a manager also. I did understand why he was explaining things to me the way he did even though it was making me mad. I feel both of us started to understand each others feelings about the situation and he ended up doing more then I could of asked for. I agreed to hand my car over to them again and they gave me a loaner car. 

3 weeks later they fixed it and they paid for everything. The issue with my car was not normal at ALL especially for the low mileage it has. I was so thankful for everything! I honestly felt when I picked up my car Cody was more excited then I was. Which made me happy. I felt like this past month was a long one for both of us. The next time my car has a problem, which I hope is never. I will be bringing it back to the dealership. Thanks again, Hanlees!!

- Kellie B., 6/11/2017