Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Volkswagen

Buying a car is a taxing emotional experience. The sales guy wants to be your best friend and tells you that you are 'in the drivers seat' while the reality is that you are about to suffer a nightmare. The charming sales guy always has to go to his manager who will always be the bad cop to the good cop the sales guy is trying to be. Back and forth. It's exhausting. 

Not here. 

We worked with Ramin Bateni but everyone else was kind and gracious. We had agreed on a price for the new car and a price for the trade-in by email and text the day before. And all of this stayed the same from the moment we arrived. Unlike another recent review where we were kept waiting for 90 minutes before getting basic information, here we were almost done with the entire process in 90 minutes. 

The car was washed while we spent time with the upbeat finance guy, Hondo Gutierrez, whose job it is to sell additional stuff (some of which one might reasonably want, like an extended warranty or pre-paid maintenance) but whose other job was to make sure we understood all of the forms that had to be signed, and he did this part of his job with confidence and professionalism.

While aspects of the vehicle were being explained to the eventual user (our son), I chatted with a sales guy named Jimmy, who was gracious and kind as he explained features of the new VW Atlas. 

People made coffee when some needed to be made. The chairs were comfortable. The bathroom was clean. And we felt like human beings when we left. 

Well done.

- Thomas S., 7/10/2017