Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hanlees Davis Nissan

The customer service here was awesome! The salesman here did not swarm you like most dealerships . You had a chance to look around and decide for yourself. Also there was this real nice financial lady whose name is Lisa. Talk about A-1 she was that and plus. After being referred to a bank my neighbor recommended ,they at first gave me a loan rate of 3.08 on a Saturday. That Monday after getting the info from that bank they had the rate up to 4.27 without my knowledge. Lisa called me and informed me of this promptly . I then told her I will try my bank which was also a credit union. She told me I did not have to go shopping for a better rate and that she can shop a good rate for me through her cuddle. Low and behold she found me a rate below my pre-approved credit union bank. I am amazed and very thankful for her efforts. What a positive and awesome experience I had purchasing a car for my daughter.

- Lawrence B., 8/23/2017