Monday, September 11, 2017

Hanlees Napa Volkswagen

So, I got rear-ended and suddenly found myself needing a car. I didn't want to waste time renting since it was obviously totaled and I didn't want to miss Labor Day sales. This meant going out into the car market without doing very much research, which made me a little uneasy. Fletch was really awesome and gave me a great deal. I felt very taken care of by him. Mike, the finance manager, went above and beyond to work with my less than stellar credit and find me a good APR and get my monthly payments at a rate I can handle. I felt that he was honest with us as he advised us about service packages and such. As we were leaving, the owner was cycling around to make sure we were taken care of and we definitely were! I purchased the protective seal for the car so I had to come back later in the week. The service department was also friendly and helpful. They even arranged for me to rent a courtesy car, which was a very nice car. Very happy with my experience with Hanlees and will definitely be recommending them. 

Be aware that there is currently construction right off their lot which kicks up a lot of dirt onto the cars. They'll take care of that for you should you choose to make a purchase

- Chelsea C., 9/9/2017