Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hanlees Hilltop Buick GMC

Had the best experience in the most nerve wracking moment of deciding on buying another car after mines decided to crap out on me after so many faithful years :)

My mother and I decided to check out Hanlees at Hilltop Mall after hearing really good stories from some of my friends that had been there previously. When we arrived I instantly remembered being at this same place many years prior with my grandmother who bought her mini van lol so I felt even more like hey I'm supposed to be here ;) anyways the two guys that helped us tremendously the first was Jorge Mora who patiently took us on 3-4 different test drives on different trucks I wanted to make the best and most logical choice for my situation and he helped and reassured me that he would help get me into the right vehicle. First of all being in sales myself I thought this will be tough for the next person to sell me however Jorge was beyond amazing and we felt calmed and relaxed making such a big decision. I still feel so lucky to have picked the most beautiful truck and I feel confident we made the right decision together! Next was Khalid he was in the finance department which in itself can be the next most nerve wracking and he made it so awesome we felt taken back by all the kindness and helpfulness they directed toward us so to finish up lol I would highly recommend seeing these two if your in need of a new car or looking to get one they will be honest and helpful ;)

- Lee C., 10/6/2017