Monday, January 15, 2018

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

Adnan at Fremont Hyundai was very helpful and patient in my decision and process of leasing a car. I was looking to test drive a couple of versions of the Elantra GT to finalize my decision. Adnan was quick to respond to all my questions via text, which gave me the confidence to go in for a test drive later that day even though the dealership is an hour away from me. 

Adnan patiently and calmly helped me negotiate a great price on the lease for the car I wanted to get and completed all the paperwork in about 15 minutes so I could drive out with the car that night. 

The day after I realized I needed more miles on the lease, 15k instead of 12k; he re-did the paperwork to switch-out the lease terms, no-problem. Thank you, Adnan, for making it easy and quick!

If you're looking to get a car, I highly recommend talking to him. He's straightforward, patient, easy going and gets things done quick; he can answer all the questions that may come up for you in the seemingly complex process of car-buying. Go give him a call!

- A.J., 1/14/2018