Monday, February 26, 2018

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

So glad I came here to buy a Toyota! Initially I was looking at a Honda CR-V or a Nissan Rogue until I went to Toyota at Hilltop and met Joseph Lantican and Jermaine Del Rosario. I came in telling them I was looking for a Rav-4 since it was similar to the crv and rogue. Presenting the cars to me and the way how they explained and showed the reliability on the Toyota cars caught my eye. They knew about the cars they had and they did everything that they could to get the car I wanted, even at the smallest and slightest detail. Unfortunately they didn't have the car that I exactly wanted on my preference in their location but they went over the top for me! They were able to search for the car that I wanted at another dealership location and ensured that I would get that car. I loved how they did all that they had to do to get the car i strongly wanted, rather than settling with what were in their lot. I strongly recommend talking to Joseph and Jermaine because I can ensure you that they will give you the best service that they provided for me. And at the very end, I'd like to thank Joseph and Jermaine on helping me out with me on getting a new 2018 RAV4 XLE!

- Michael B., 2/25/2018