Monday, February 26, 2018

Hanlees Napa Subaru

This review is specifically for Michael in the service department. I was having issues after installing a new battery into the car and continuously received error messages on my dash (CEL, cruise control and drive mode flashing). I rolled into the service department on Friday afternoon and was afraid I was going to be turned away because I didn't have an appointment, but right when I pulled in Michael greeted me very warmly and had me pull my car up. 

He informed me that there's a start up sequence that needs to be done to reset the ECU and assured me that everything was going to be okay. When the car was ready, he told me that this happens when the battery is installed or disconnected and it just needs to be reset by starting/stopping the engine 3-10 times. It was a huge relief to see that the car didn't have any more warning signs. He also helped me take care of my automatic window button that had stopped working from the battery install. He tried a few reset procedures and when they didn't work, he went over to the Master Tech and asked him for his expertise. They tried a new sequence and it got the window back to normal. 

This goes beyond my expectations when dealing with a dealership. Michael really took the time to fix these issues that I was trying to troubleshoot since last night and did so with a very positive attitude. This really sets a high bar for service. I wasn't charged anything at all and it made me feel welcome knowing that they were able to take care of my issues instead of taking advantage of me.

- Chris S., 2/23/2018