Monday, March 12, 2018

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

Honestly, amazing experience! I feel like I have a family there. The person helping us was Ricardo, or Ricky for short. We were there to get a car for me, it's my birthday in a few days and my parents decided the didn't want me to take bus and Bart anymore, so they decided to get me a car. Ricky did the absolute most to give us the best deal and the car that best fit us. With all the features we were looking for and the best price. He was honest about the difference between the similar and simpler models. He explained the reason why one was more expensive than the other and he tried to get us all the best deals and was persistent with his boss to be absolutely sure we got an amazing car for an amazing deal. Instead of selling us the more expensive car with the fancy rims he sold us the cheaper car with the best features that fit me and what we were looking for. He even got me a birthday present. Not saying he would give you one too but it's very much appreciated. He wasn't the only great factor, but the front office workers where nice enough to let me borrow there charger. As well as the man handling the papers was patient with us and was really open with us and taught me about GAP and how the insurance works and gave us personal advice about how we should set up the car and we're and how we should store our papers. He told us the best plan for a beginning and why it was the best. It was over all a great learning experience. Would buy there again and I know I will be seeing them again sense they were invited to my birthday party. Yup, that's how appropriative we are and how great the experience was.

- Marily M., 3/11/2018