Monday, April 2, 2018

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

Arriving at Hanlees Car Dealership they have a large inventory of Hyundai's in all its forms from smaller sedans, medium sized SUV's to medium sized trucks. This is just what I observed upon driving up to the front of the dealer. We exited our vehicle and met with the "legendary" Alex Ngo as they refer to him. Alex is a god send! This man is incredible at what he does. He is a very pleasant person and professional as well. What I mean by professional is that he is a one of a kind sales person. He is very enthusiastic to help you and does not waste time. Alex gets the job done. He was flexible and understanding of our circumstances and finances. He strategically came up with many options for us to work around. The manager of Hanlees was INCREDIBLE (Henry)! I understand why this man is the manager. I have never come across a manager like the one at Hanlees. He raises the expectation of customer service. Thank you Hanlees Dealer for the wonderful spectacular experience and for accommodating my fathers needs.

- LuLu R., 4/1/2018