Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

I recently (March 2018) assisted my daughter in purchasing a new 2018 Hyundai Tucson SEL AWD, her first new car purchase. After conducting extensive research and interaction with numerous dealers in the NorCal area and even some in Washington state, we decided to buy from Hanlees Fremont Hyundai. We are really glad we did. Purchase negotiations were conducted over the phone, text, and email as the actual purchase transaction had to be completed within a fixed time frame (1 day within a 3 hour time frame) due to travel commitments. Working only with Adnan Khan, the dealer's Internet sales coordinator, we were able to accomplish that. Purchase discussions were no nonsense and straight-forward - something we really appreciated. He provided us with a purchase price and accessory/warranty considerations that from the very beginning, every other dealer was chasing. Seriously. My daughter got an outstanding deal on the exact vehicle we wanted - exterior color, interior, and specific trim. We can't say enough good things about Adnan Khan and our car-buying experience at Hanlees Fremont Hyundai. Personable, professional, and courteous, Adnan's communications with us were clear and timely. Adnan Khan and Hanlees Fremont Hyundai deserve your business...and we say that with zero hesitation. Everything that was promised in our purchase negotiations was delivered at the time of signing the purchase contract. (I very much appreciated the Finance Manager's thorough and patient explanation of contract details to my daughter). >From beginning to end, it was a friendly, no-hassles dealership environment with all parts of the buying experience from test drive to financing being equally great. Thank you.

- P.L., 4/12/2018