Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hanlees Hilltop Toyota

As most know, entering any car dealership is like walking into a shark tank! What can be even more frustrating is leaving with a new car feeling anxious and worried that you were just manipulated, lied to, falsely convinced and-or taken advantage of. Now you're locked in and committed to a new vehicle and it's payments! No one enjoys feeling this way and THANKS TO JOE at Hanlees Hilltop Toyota I did not have to feel this way. Last week I purchased a new SUV and was blessed to have JOE as my salesman. He was extremely polite, honest and not pushy in any way. He listened to my needs, provided exactly what I needed and is responsible for making my experience purchasing my new vehicle 100% POSITIVE! He was patient and extremely helpful with all my questions and my 2 year old daughter who was a little challenging at times. He offered things to entertain her while we discussed details about the sale. He offered suggestions about the vehicle that were truly in my benefit and not his. He is a newer salesman but deserves so much more credit for the heart and effort he puts into his work as a car salesman. He is a father and a husband so he is able to understand family needs and concerns. If you are thinking of buying a new car at this dealership PLEASE ASK FOR JOE! His priority is to make you happy. I promise you that he goes above and beyond to do so!! My family and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of his hard work!

- Veronica G., 5/30/2018