Monday, July 30, 2018

Hanlees Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

So, it's Saturday morning, and I had plans requiring driving, and I got the "low tire pressure" light... Auto shops aren't usually open on Saturdays. I'm still under warranty for about 5K more, so I took a chance that someone might be at Hanlees to help me out. Lo and behold, I didn't get turned away, and Chris and Vic checked my tires - one was just about at the threshold where they would have had to pull the tire, but still above it enough that they could just add air.

Vic also noted that my tires were at the "need replacement" stage. No, not a scam - I've been good about oil changes and such, but hadn't paid a lot of attention to the tires, and since I bought the car new, I've only replaced the tires once, and I'm at 95K. Rough guesstimate is I should probably replace them within the next couple of months. I can work with that!

And my little oil change sticker indicates I'm about due, so Chris and Vic - be seeing you soon! Thanks!

- Barbara R., 7/28/2018