Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hanlees Fremont Hyundai

The end of my 2016 Toyota Highlander lease was coming to and end April 2019. I walked in to Hanless Fremont Hyundai not looking to drive out with a new car but to see what types of midsize SUV's Hyundai offered to potentially purchase or lease once my Highlander lease came to an end.  I was approached by sales man Alex Ngo. I told Alex I was not interested on driving out with a car today and that my family and I were just looking around for midsize SUV that would save me money and take care of my family needs. If I found the car that worked out for me I would come back once my lease was over.  I love my highlander but my daily commute from Gilroy to San Jose was costing me 1 full tank of gas by only the fourth day. Alex did not lose interest on helping us out even though I had told him I would not walk out with a deal today. Alex showed me multiple cars, from the Kona to the Tuscan and the Santa Fee. I loved the sporty drive and look that the Kona offered but the Tuscan offered more space that suited my family's needs. I told Alex that I would be back in April once my lease was over . Alex told me to give him and his team a chance to see if they could buy my lease out and save me money. I told him is was about 14,000 miles over my lease and was very nervous about it. I was approached by both Adnan Khan and Robert Haro and they convinced me to give them a chance to see if they could save me some money by purchasing my lease. I told Adnan I was very firm on my monthly payment, he told me to give him a moment and he would bring me back numbers. While Adnan worked on my potential deal, Alex took my family and I into the waiting area, put cartoons on form my children and gave them snacks and water as we waited. Adnan came back sat with my husband and I and broke down a sweet deal to us. He showed us a saving of about $6,000 if we made a deal that day, that including the negative my lease was caring over.  I am extremely happy with the deal and the service Fremont Hyundai gave us. It has been a little past one month that we are now driving out Tuscon. The Tucson uses about 50% less gas that my highlander did. We are extremely happy about that. Thank you to the amazing guys that helped us out!

- Yoll O., 1/26/19